È appena nato un nuovo motore di ricerca evoluto e smart

Google Felix, the mysterious novelty of the Mountain View giant

News arrived that revealed what could be the name of Google’s next foldable smartphone that will be launched on the market?

All those who love the technology they know perfectly well how, over the last few years, there are many areas that have changed considerably to adapt to these intriguing and incredible digital innovations. Just think of the online entertainment sector, which has reached a truly crazy degree of player involvement, a classic example is online blackjack up to the great PC and Console titles that have led the player to discover the Space with titles such as No Man’s Sky, the Mass Effect saga and the future Bethesda Starfield title compared to even just a few years ago.

Speaking of innovations in the technological field, Google is also working, together with many other innovative projects, on something innovative, as usual. In fact, over the last few days the indiscretion concerning a new folding smartphone has returned to circulate. According to previous rumors, it seems that this project could have been called Google Pixel Fold or Google Pixel Notepad.

Well, apparently the mystery has been revealed. In fact, a news has arrived that has revealed what could be the name of Google’s next foldable smartphone that will be launched on the market. A particular and strange model called Google Felix, in fact, has made an appearance in the Geekbench database. There are obviously no official confirmations, but it seems it could be the novelty that the Mountain View giant is working on. Of course, it would not be surprising in any case if Google were to decide to focus on another denomination and, on the contrary, Felix represented only the code name.

On the other hand, leaving aside the question of the name for a moment, it must be said that the novelty that some reference to this new model has appeared on Geekbench has two important meanings. On the one hand, it means that the various teams involved in the development and design phase of the Mountain View brand are actually working on a new mobile device. Not only that, since they would have already reached a very advanced point of development. To such an extent that it may already be possible to obtain the first information on the performance that the new foldable smartphone from Google would be able to guarantee. Power and quality in all respects: impossible that this is another classic smartphone.

Google Felix, finally a Pixel 7 Pro that can bend

This new device, indicated under the name of Google Felix, which has been the subject of specific tests on Geekbench, is linked to the same processor. We are referring to the Google Tensor G2 and it can boast the same amount of RAM, or 12 gigabytes.

A configuration that recorded a very interesting score, equal to 1047 points in the single-core test, while 3257 points were reached in the multi-core test. In practice, these scores are similar to those obtained by Google Pixel 7 Probut they are in any case inferior compared to the potential opponent, namely the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which can count on a powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen processor 1.

Some technical characteristics of the new Google Felix

Google Felix should have the same photographic configuration as the Pixel 7 Pro. A high-level equipment, with the presence of a 50 MP main sensor, complete with optical stabilizer. Also interesting is the presence of a 5X zoom from 48 MP, including an optical stabilizer and also a 12 MP wide angle. Apparently, however, the camera in the notch of the screen would change, from 9.5 MP compared to the 10.5 MP of the Pixel 7 Pro.

What could be the new Google Felix foldable smartphone, obviously again if the name were to be confirmed, should be able to count on one 8 inch internal screen. Also interesting is the choice that refers to the 6.19-inch 120 Hz external display, which should also have a variable refresh.

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