Google for a passwordless future

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Le password they were once the only protective barrier to protect users’ personal data. But over time, their lack of variety and effectiveness has made online users less secure. Google has already implemented solutions such as the 2-Step Verification and Password Manager, but more and more pushes towards a world without password. Also collaborating with Apple e Microsoft with this goal.

Google aims for a future without passwords (together with Apple and Microsoft)

In a blog post, Google announced that in the next year it will make sure that users can access the platforms via the standard FIDO Sign-in without password. In this way, users will no longer have the need to use passwords to access all Google services.

Something already seen: More and more Google has pushed for the adoption of two-factor authentication on Android e Chrome. But now that Apple and Microsoft have announced support for FIDO on iOS, MacOS, Safari, Windows and Edge things get easier. We should become able to access devices, sites and apps without any passwords.

When you access a website or app on your smartphone, you can unlock phone with fingerprint or Face ID to log in. Your phone will then store one passkey FIDO to unlock your online account. No password needed.

On your computer, you just need to have your smartphone close to you to unlock it for the first time. Passwords will sync in secure way in the cloud, so even if you lose or forget your phone somewhere you can access it from your PC or Mac without any problem.

Google has long argued for a password-less future, but the fact that Apple and Microsoft also join the FIDO alliance will allow greater flexibility and a more complete implementation. But the changes will happen during this year: For now, keep remembering the passwords you use (or rely on a password manager).

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