Google: here are all the announcements of CES 2022

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As we know, Google withdrew from CES 2022, the Las Vegas technology fair, due to the fourth wave of Covid 19. However, the web giant has nevertheless shared some updates on its plans for 2022, with new products and features to make it easier to connect both between devices and between people. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Google: here are the announcements of the CES 2022

The company’s first novelty is the Quick Pair feature, which has already helped people connect their Android phones with Bluetooth accessories over 100 million times. This feature allows for immediate device setup and pairing, making the companion app available for installation and transferring Google credentials.

In a few weeks, this feature will have an update and by activating the headphones with quick pairing the Chromebook will be able to automatically detect and pair them with a single click. By purchasing a Chromebook later this year, you will be able to use your Android phone to quickly set it up and instantly access all saved information, such as your Google credentials and Wi-Fi password.

In the coming months, I will also be adding the ability to configure headphones based on the sound volume required when watching content on Google TV or the Android TV operating device at home. Plus, with built-in support for Matter on Android, you can use Quick Pairing to quickly connect your smart home devices with Matter to the network, Google Home, and other companion apps in just a few simple steps.

Lock and unlock devices

Today it’s already possible to unlock Chromebooks using our Android phone to get to work right away. In the coming months, Google will extend this functionality to paired Wear OS smartwatches, so you can instantly unlock your Chromebook, Android phone, or tablet and access them when in their vicinity.

Google CES 2022

Plus with a digital car key, you can now use a compatible Pixel or Samsung phone to lock, unlock and start your phone-supported BMW vehicles. There will also be the option to remotely and securely share car keys with relatives and friends in case of need.

Share multimedia contents between various devices

Google is also making headphone technology with Bluetooth that will automatically move audio to any device users are using for listening.

So, for example, if you are wearing headphones to watch a movie on your Android tablet and you receive a phone call, the movie will pause and the audio will automatically switch from the headset to the Android phone, and then return to the movie once the call is over.

Spatial audio on the headphones will make you feel like you are truly on the scene, adapting the sound to your head movements and the audio in the space around you. These features will be available in the coming months on supported headphones.

Google CES 2022

In this regard, the company said it is hard at work moving and managing content on any device. With Chromecast built in, an Android phone already allows you to share video on displays and TVs, as well as audio content on select speakers from Nest and other devices.

To further help users stream music and podcasts from their Android phone to other speakers, Google will also extend integrated Chromecast to other brands in the coming months, starting with all Bose smart speakers and soundbars.

Google CES 2022

The Phone Hub functionality, which will arrive on Chromebooks in the second half of the year, also finds space. Currently, you can use your Chromebook to view and reply to chat notifications, turn Do Not Disturb on / off, set the ringtone to find your phone, or continue browsing recent Chrome tabs.

In the second half of the year, working on the Chromebook with the Android phone away (for example, it is charging in another room), it will be possible to keep in touch with friends and family by accessing the chat apps on the phone directly from the Chromebook, without having to re-install on the device.

Finally, with remote mode operations, you can use voice commands to heat and cool the car, close it, open it and receive information (such as the amount of battery left) on all devices with the integrated assistant. These features will be available first for Volvo Car vehicles in the coming months and then for others.

Increase your productivity with Windows and Android PCs

For the first time with Android, in conclusion Google for this CES 2022 has also focused on the creation of products for other platforms, such as Windows, moving from the gaming world to productivity and other areas.

For example, by connecting your Android phone to your Windows PC via Quick Pair, you can quickly set up Bluetooth accessories, sync SMS and share files with Nearby Sharing.

Google CES 2022

The company is working with Acer, Asus, HP and Intel to bring these experiences to a selection of Windows PCs in the second half of the year.

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