Google Lens è stato aggiunto alla Home Page del motore di ricerca thumbnail

Google Lens has been added to the Home Page

Google Lens has been added to the home page of the thumbnail search engine

Google Lens joins the Home Page of the search engine This is a small but really significant novelty for the home of the Google search engine that records updates, both in terms of design and functionality, very rarely. Here are all the details:

Google Lens is now an integral part of the Google Home Page

L’Google Lens icon is now next to the voice search button in the web version of the Google search engine accessible from desktop. This is a new feature that follows Lens’s recent integration into the image search engine.

Users can now click on the Google Lens icon to immediately access the advanced search functions guaranteed by this service. You can then upload an image to search for similar results or copy a link to an image on the web to start the search immediately.

In this way, therefore, it is no longer necessary to access the Images section of the search engine in order to start taking advantage of Lens. This small addition makes life easier for users who use the service and confirms the centrality of Lens within Google’s search tools.

At the moment, Google has not released any statements on this news. In the future, the Home Page may see more tweaks coming.

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