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The Digital Markets Act will completely change Apple’s services in the EU

With the beginning of November, the Digital Markets Act comes into force in the EUnew package of rules that could force Apple to review its services. With the Digital Markets Act, in fact, companies that provide digital services are identified as “gatekeeper“And will be required to comply with certain obligations.

The Digital Markets Act could force Apple to change its services

For gatekeepers like Apple, the Digital Markets Act introduces a number of obligations. The Cupertino house will be forced to guarantee the possibility for the end user of easily uninstall pre-installed applications or change default settings operating systems, virtual assistants and web browsers.

Note that Apple, as gatekeeper, will be obligated to allow the installation of third-party applications and app stores within their operating systems. Furthermore, developers will be able to benefit frominteroperability with gatekeeper services and they can use third party payment services.

Through the Digital Markets Act, therefore, in the near future, in the EU, they should completely change the mechanisms of the App Store, iMessage (used very little by European users), and many other Apple services.

The novelties of the new regulatory framework will become effective from March 2024. Anyone who does not comply with the rules will have to deal with a penalty of 10% of the total annual world turnover or 20% in case of repeated violations.

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