Google Lens will be able to decipher doctors’ handwriting

Google Lens sarà in grado di decifrare la scrittura dei medici grazie all'IA thumbnail

Artificial intelligence continues to make itself useful: Googlein fact, has announced that it is working on one new AI-powered feature of Google Lens which will allow the application to “decipher” the incomprehensible handwriting of doctors. Here are all the details about this new feature.

Google Lens will allow you to decipher what doctors write

Google just announced an important new feature for Lens at its Google for India event. The app will be able to decipher the doctors handwriting. The system will work very simply. All you need to do is take a photo of the “handwritten” medical prescription to decipher its contents, helping patients and pharmacists in an undertaking that is sometimes really difficult.

Google Lens will take care of thetranslation” making what the doctor wrote understandable. The project in question will start from India but should rapidly extend to the rest of the world, allowing an increasing number of users to be able to take advantage of this feature. The application will be able to report prescribed medicationswith direct links to get more details about it.

Everything is based on‘Artificial intelligence and its ability to decode what the doctors wrote. We’ll see if the AI ​​will really be able to understand the handwriting of doctors who, in Italy as in the rest of the world (or at least in India), use a writing that is decidedly difficult to understand.

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