Google makes smartphones more accessible for the disabled

Google rende gli smartphone più accessibili per i disabili thumbnail

In recent months, Google has been working hard for expand the accessibility of smartphones to people with disabilities. And after perfecting a number of voice assistant-related features, the tech giant is now looking to let users manage devices using face and eyes. Let’s go and see what are the tools designed for the Android smartphones of the future.

Android smartphones will be more accessible for users with disabilities

Google is working to make Android smartphones more accessible for users with disabilities. Thus was born “Project Activate“, An application designed to allow people to initiate an action on their smartphone simply by using their facial movements. This way, you can use your face to make a call or send a message. In fact, making the use of the smartphone easier and more intuitive for everyone. And to this is also added the “Camera Switch“, Which allows users to navigate the Android system using their face.

“Every day, people use voice commands like ‘Hey Google’, or their hands for their phones, but this isn’t always possible for people with severe motor and speech impairments. To make Android more accessible to everyone, we are launching new tools that make it easier to control the phone and communicate via facial gestures “. So the tech giant reported on his blog. On the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that in the United States they are over 61 million adults with disabilities. And this well explains why Google has chosen to undertake this project.