Google Maps: how to activate Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Google Maps: come attivare la Dark Mode su Android e iOS thumbnail

LGoogle Maps application can rely on Dark Mode on both Android and iOS. The new mode, which uses dark tones to make navigation more comfortable and reduce battery consumption, was announced in recent months by Google and is now available. Users have the option to activate the dark theme in the Google Maps app in a very simple way.

How to activate the Dark Mode in the Google Maps apps for Android and iOS

The Google Maps iOS application is the latest to receive Dark Mode. Users can activate this feature very easily. Enough press on your profile picture at the top right of the screen and then go to Settings and then choose to set dark theme.

Users can choose between three different options. The Google Maps app, in fact, supports both the light theme mode and the dark theme mode. Alternatively, as a third way, you can choose to adapt the theme to that of the device, a convenient solution especially if you use a dynamic theme on your smartphone.

How to set the dark theme on Android

LThe procedure to follow on Android is similar. Once in the Settings, after tapping on your profile picture, you will need to go to Theme and then choose one of the three options available to users. If the Dark Mode is not displayed among the various options, it is advisable to try to update the app.