GTA IV: the remaster could have a release in 2023

According to a leak, Rockstar Games may be working on a remaster of GTA: IV for 2023, after the arrival of GTA: Trilogy

We are now running out: in a very few days, players will finally have the remaster of the three most loved chapters of Grand Theft Auto in their hands, namely GTA: San Andreas, GTA: III and GTA: Vice City Stories. They will be available through GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, which will also arrive not only on consoles of the last and current generation, but also on iOS and Android. In the trailers and images shown by Rockstar you can see a clear technical and graphic improvement, and this has led to hope for a similar treatment too. for the fourth installment of the series, starring Niko Bellic. And to fuel these expectations in the last few hours a leaker has thought of it, who states how the remaster of GTA IV could be out in the course of 2023.

Possible release of GTA IV Remaster in 2023?

Only a few days ago rumors concerning the arrival of a new GTA title circulated through the Rockstar Mag site, also accompanied by that concerning a remaster of the first chapter of Red Dead Redemption. In addition, the statements by Snoop Dog in one of his streams also made us think that GTA VI would be the next game we would see coming out of the development house. Still, leaker Ralphs Valve, already known for his Call of Duty leaks, agrees on the hypothesis that a GTA IV remaster was actually released in 2023, rather than a totally new game.

On Twitter, RalphsValve wanted to highlight this by publishing a tweet with an image of GTA IV inside, also including a logo that says “2023”. After doing that, he also has added some details regarding the remaster: the consoles for which it would be foreseen are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. With the remaster of GTA IV also confirms the presence of the stories “Episodes From Liberty City”, thus indicating the return of Johnny Klebitz di The Lost and Damned e di Luis Lopez, star of The Ballad of Gay Tony. The remaster, however, will only be in singleplayer, and therefore will not have the beloved multiplayer mode.

Reiterating that it is a leak, it remains a fact to pay attention to over the next few months, seeing how Rockstar seems to try to open up to the idea of ​​new remasters. Keep following us on our website, and take a look at the Instant Gaming store, to be able to find new games at very advantageous prices.

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