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Google Maps will provide road toll information via the app

The Google Maps service is increasingly enriched. The application of Google maps, in fact, aims to offer more and more precise and complete information to users. In the course of the near future, in fact, the Maps services will be updated with the introduction of information on the cost of road tolls to bear during the trip.

Google Maps is updated with information on road tolls

The new service will offer estimates on road toll rates for the path set by the user. Google Maps has plans to launch the new service, at least initiallyin the United States, Japan, India and Indonesia. Subsequently, however, information on road tolls will also be available in other countries, including Italy. Confirmation regarding the launch of the new service comes directly from Google:

The new service should initially be activated in app Android ed iOS di Google Maps. For the web version, however, it may be necessary to wait the next few weeks before registering the release of this new feature.

The system will work very simply. The user sets, through the app, a path to follow. Indicating the destination. At this point, GoogleMaps will calculate the route and, in the event that it is necessary to face toll costs, will inform the user.

The app will indicate an estimate of the costs to be incurred based on the information available. The data, at least initially, may not be accurate, as tolls are subject to change. We will see how the service will be implemented.

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