The Journey of the Heroes, press conference tomorrow, in Rome

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Tomorrow, Wednesday 15 June 2022 in Rome to be precise at the Casa Del Cinema in via Largo Marcello Mastroianni, in Rome there will be the press conference of Il Viaggio degli Eroi, a film event that will be screened in cinemas on 20, 21 and 22 June 2022.

Tomorrow’s program includes: at 10:30 a projection for the journalists present, at 11:45 it will be time for the photo shoot, while at 12:00 there will be the actual press conference, in which the protagonists of history, the world champions of 82: Giancarlo Antognoni, Antonio Cabrini, Franco Causio, Bruno Conti, Fulvio Collovati, Giuseppe Dossena, Franco Selvaggi and Federica Cappelletti, wife of the unforgettable Paolo Rossi.

The event will also be attended by the actor Marco Giallini, narrator of the journey of our Heroes of 82, divided into 11 stages. 11 crucial moments to tell this incredible journey made of victories and defeats that led to the symbolic phrase of those world championships.


The Journey of the Heroes, press conference tomorrow, in Rome

World champions!”Scanned three times by the unforgettable voice of Nando Martellini still makes the hearts vibrate, not only of those with a passion for football, but of all Italians.

An example of stubbornness, pride and dignity. A victory that everyone thought impossible, except those “82’s boys”. A fable of gratitude and redemption, which sees among the protagonists Enzo Bearzot: coach, mentor and putative father of those players who made the company.

In fact, they ironically called it “the Brancabearzot Army”, but it eventually became a family. These values, typical of sport, were also shared by the fans and by all Italians, in a difficult historical period, a time of profound economic and social crisis.

This victory constituted the starting point capable of giving the impetus of rebirth to Italy, allowing our country to overcome one of the darkest moments. An unrepeatable combination of courageous choices, sacrifice and skill that made this victory human and heroic at the same time.

This story, still 40 years later, constitutes an example for the younger generation.


To watch the trailer of the film it seems click here.

A film by Manlio Castagna, produced by Manuela Cacciamani, Founder of One More Pictures and Paolo Del Brocco CEO of Rai Cinema.

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