Google Maps will show the cost of the tolls for the trip

Google Maps mostrerà il costo dei pedaggi del viaggio thumbnail

Google Maps will launch an innovative function that immediately shows on the screen the cost of tolls along the journey. The cost of crossing toll booths, bridges and other possible sources of cost along the way will be considered. In part this feature is already present, but much less direct and effective.

The Mountain View company will implement the feature to see the cost of various tolls, according to a member of the Google Maps preview program. The total cost of a certain route should then be shown when it is selected, allowing you to choose not only based on distance but also on price.

At the moment, however, Google is able to detect the presence of tolls at toll booths or other structures, but does not explicitly indicate prices. This last feature, of course, makes everything less effective and deciding the path more difficult.

When will the cost of tolls on Google Maps arrive

The timing of this update has not been disclosed for now. All that remains is to wait for the new addition, which will probably be distributed via an update of the sui app mobile devices like Android and iOS smartphones. It will obviously also be present on systems Android Auto ed Apple Car.

Despite being one of the most popular services in its field, Google continues to innovate its navigation service and make it more and more complete. This is also linked to the presence of other competitors, such as Maps Apple or Waze, always ready to wait for a misstep by the US giant.

Of course, Google has an interest in keeping its platform in great shape for both users that for the companies who invest in advertising, for example to appear in maps. What do you think, what is your main navigation system, or what do you prefer in general?

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