Google Nest Hub will test air quality levels

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Google Nest Hub will have a new feature that will show users i air quality levels (AQI). The information will appear within the Weather widget, with a numerical rating system from 0 to 500 and a color coding system from green (good) to brown (dangerous). This system is used by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor and report air quality in the country. Precisely for this reason, it is no wonder that Google has chosen to adopt it for its devices.

Google Nest Hub air quality

Google Nest Hub will tell users about air quality

As anticipated, Google has added a feature to Nest Hub that will allow users to view the air quality levels in the area they are in. And not only. The update will make it possible to ask for information on air quality to the Google Assistant, simply by saying the phrase “What is the quality of the air near me?”. Indeed, there will also be the possibility to ask the assistant to send a notice when the air quality drops a unsafe levels. A useful feature especially for the elderly or anyone suffering from chronic breathing problems and compromised immune system.

For the time being, the function will only be available in the United States. On the other hand, Google has chosen to add it to its devices to respond to the terrible season of fires that is affecting especially Oregon and California. “Between the bushfire season and recent increased efforts to reduce air pollution, it is more important than ever to know the air quality in the area.” So said the tech giant about the Google Nest Hub update. Basically, knowing the quality of the air in one high risk area for fires it can really save many people’s lives. For now, however, we do not know if the function will ever be made available in Italy. But one thing is certain: in the regions of the far south it could be really useful.

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