Google sbarca ufficialmente su Mastodon thumbnail

Google officially lands on Mastodon with a new account

Even if the use of Twitter continues to grow, at least according to data provided by Elon Musk, l‘interesse per Mastodon, main alternative to the social network, does not decrease and even Google chooses to open its own profile. Here are the details:

Google begins to look with interest at the growth of Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter

In these hours, Google has opened an official account on Mastodon. It is a account dedicated to the technical operation of the search engine, already present with a similar name also on Twitter. In any case, the opening of the profile represents an important recognition for Mastodon.

The new social network aims to be an alternative to Twitter, with many difficulties, and needs not only new users but also and above all the rrecognition of the main “institutions” of the web. At the moment, there is no information on how Google intends to use its accounts on the new social network.

Mastodon growth continues although precise numbers are not available. Certainly, the social network will try to hold its own against Twitter which, also thanks to Musk’s influencer activity, does not seem to want to slow down its growth that began in recent weeks. We’ll see how social balances evolve.

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