LG Display lancia Thin Actuator Sound Solution, l’altoparlante invisibile

LG Display lancia Thin Actuator Sound Solution, l'altoparlante invisibile thumbnail

Thin Actuator Sound Solution is the new speaker of LG Displaysimilar in size to a passport. Let’s see it more closely.

LG Thin Actuator Sound Solution, the right alternative for your car

The new speaker from LG Display, a world leader in the innovation of display technologies, is like this small and thin (only 2.5 mm thick) to be able to be hidden in every part of the car interior: from the dashboard, to the headrest to the roof of the vehicle or the pillars.

This will increase the quality of the audio throughout the vehicle, with particular benefits for the passengers, who will be able to hear at maximum efficiencyto their favorite music.

The speaker has a decent size: 150x90x2,5 mm and we could more properly define it as a ‘display vibrante‘, as it is built with the film-type exciter technologywhich is cinematic technology that uses 3D sound for a rich, immersive experience.

Another peculiarity of the new LG Display speaker is its versatility

Forget conventional speakers, which are heavy due to moving coils, cones and magnets. Soon any part of your car will be transformed into a loudspeaker with a new, slim and light system (only 40 grams), for an unprecedented driving audio experience!

What’s more, the new Thin Actuator Sound Solutions are also ecofriendly. For their realization LG Display has eliminated the use of elements such as neodymium (Nd), which instead we find in traditional loudspeakers.

“We have transformed the conventionally heavy and bulky loudspeaker into a high-quality ‘invisible’ audio solution, using our cutting-edge technology to maximize space, design and eco-friendly factors and deliver a superior sound experience as never before,” he said Yeo Chun-ho, Vice President e Head of the Business Development Division di LG Display.

LG Dispaly presenterà Thin Actuator Sound Solution al CES®2023 Innovation Award of Las Vegas, in the category “In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety“.

For marketing we should wait for the first half of 2023, the period that will kick off the new era of automotive infotainment.