Google One reaches 100 million users, and relaunches with Gemini

Google One raggiunge i 100 milioni di utenti, e rilancia con l'AI Gemini thumbnail

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichaiannounced an important milestone: the achievement of 100 million registered users a Google One. This is the all-inclusive subscription service of Google that offers extra storage space for free services like Gmail, Drive and Photos, as well as other features. And, recently, Google also proposed the new plan that uses AI Gemini to help compose emails with Gmail and more. Was it AI that pushed users beyond the 100 million threshold?

Google One reaches 100 million users (thanks to AI?)

Google is working to push people towards its paid options, gradually abandoning the free plans. Remember the end of unlimited storage on Google Drive for the photos? Today, you can use 15GB of storage for free: for emails, Android backups, photographs. If you want more space, you have to pay at least 1.99 euros per month.

For a few years the company has been increasing features for those who pay for the subscription, such as additional functions for editing photos, VPN — and recently also the Gemini Advanced AI, which we will soon also be able to use for Gmail and Docs. These services, plus the extra storage, have led Google to 100 million subscribers.

As The Verge points out, Google One it surpassed 100 million rather efficiently, given the launch in 2018. YouTube Premium, on the other hand, took nine years to achieve the same result. And Google had to work to remove software tools that bypassed YouTube advertising for free to achieve this.

Difficult that the new plan AI Premium played an important role in the finish line, but perhaps gave the final decisive push. And above all, he proves that Google is raising the bar of its services. In addition to AI, users have at their disposal 2 TB of storage and extra features like VPN e dark web monitoring.

However, at the moment you cannot sign up for the AI ​​Premium plan from the Apple App Store, perhaps to avoid leaving Apple a percentage of the subscriptions. For iPhone users, therefore, it is a little more difficult to access Google One services. Although you can sign up from your browser and then share the account with your family — if you want to take advantage of Gemini Advanced’s AI.

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