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Google, partnership with Garmin for satellite messages?

Google may soon bring i satellite messages are Android 14, thanks to a possible collaboration with Garmin. Indeed, it seems that the company will introduce two-way communication via satellite connectivity, taking advantage of Garmin’s satellite network.

Google, satellite messages on Android 14 thanks to Garmin

According to the developer Neil Rahmouni su X seems to be in collaboration with Garmin to bring two-way satellite SMS communication on Android phones. In other words, if you are in an area where there is no cellular coverage, you will be able to send and receive messages and contact the emergency center.

Code strings discovered by Rahmouni mention the ability to contact Garmin Response in an emergency. This suggests that users may be able to submit emergency messages via satellite connectivity offered by the collaboration between Google and Garmin.

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Garmin is already known for its leadership in satellite communication technology. The company has created a range of products with satellite connectivity, allowing users to send SMS in critical situations. Thanks to the collaboration with IridiumGarmin, a company that operates a constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites, has created a robust ecosystem for satellite communication.

Apple was among the first to introduce a satellite-based emergency system into its devices, followed by Huawei with similar functionality. And then there are companies like Bullittwhich have launched smartphones with two-way satellite connection.

The arrival on Google Messages, however, could make it easier for all Android manufacturers to implement this novelty. Making it easier to connect even where “there is no field”.

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