Madden NFL 24 represents yet another failure of sports games – The review

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Here we go again. Here comes the new chapter of a popular (certainly not in our area) sports video game and, as often happens in these cases, one wonders why. Maybe Konami had it all figured out with eFootball: impossible to guarantee a truly new game every year which, except for roster updates and small graphical progress, risks being a poor update of the previous one. Konami, we said, has transformed Pro Evolution Soccer in eFootballmaking it free-to-play and avoiding releasing a new game annually at exorbitant prices. EA SportsInstead, keep trying. And less than a month away EA Sports FC (this is really expected in our parts), here comes the favorite sports game by the Americans: Madden NFL 24which we will discuss in our review.

Will he be able to turn the tables on the table after these nefarious premises? After all, 2K has taught us that a new feel can be given (see NBA 2K23). Let’s find out together.

Madden NFL 24 review: A tackle that hurts

An old football rule says “you don’t change a winning team”. In the world of video games, however, this axiom does not hold. Especially if the game in question is sold for around €80 for the digital version alone. An issue not new to the Madden NFL franchise, given that the 2023 version was already very, too similar to the 2022 version. And that 2022 didn’t differ too much from 2021, and so on.

The impression is that games of this type are destined to sell a lot a priori, and it doesn’t matter if the new version is just a big update of the previous one. A great upgrade sold for gold.

The two main novelties that could somehow justify the release of Madden NFL 24 are the significantly improved graphics it’s a improved efficiency of player animations. It is something, but it is too little.

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Too little too new Quarterback throwing system which, taking up successful mechanics in the MLB franchise, now allows you to throw the ball using an accuracy indicator. Tackling, running, receiving and field goal mechanics are virtually unchangedand, as are the game modes (including a disappointing Ultimate Team).

All the same as last year, even the problems

The notable issues seen in Madden NFL 23 return, especially those of sports consistency. An example above all? A team leading in the final seconds of the match should stall, not rush back into position. It may seem like a minor detail, but anyone who knows American football knows how the management of the stopwatch is one of the tactical elements of the game.

Madden NFL 24 gameplay

The loading times are also bad (yet we played it on new gen) and the endless cutscenes of the player career mode are often unbearable.

Madden NFL 24 review: a little something is saved

Wanting to leave out these critical issues, the variety of plays available to the quarterback is decidedly vast. And the same goes for defensive plays, with a large catalog that will delight those who love the tactical aspect behind the game. The realism in the faces of the players is also good, which unfortunately is only appreciable in the transition scenes. During the game, in fact, the movements are absolutely awkward and unrealistic.

Madden NFL 24

The strong point, perhaps the only one of Madden NFL 24, is precisely the graphics sector. The textures have been significantly improved and the camera renders the atmospheric conditions in a realistic way. The raindrops and rays of the setting sun are beautifully rendered, for what it seems the only winning feature of a game that still has many yards to go before reaching a touchdown.


  • Player animations
  • Graphics and camera movements
  • Extensive playbook


  • No substantial changes compared to the 2023 edition
  • Loading screenshots
  • Gameplay
  • Realism
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