Google Pixel 6: the Face Unlock could arrive in the future

Il Face Unlock potrebbe arrivare sui Google Pixel 6 thumbnail

The Google Pixel 6 could receive the Face Unlock. The function that allows you to unlock the phone and authenticate in some apps is not enabled on Google smartphones but, as emerged in these hours, it is actually part of the smartphone firmware. The Face Unlock for Google smartphones is however disabled due to a precise choice of the company which, in the future, may decide to retrace its steps by re-enabling the function, much appreciated by users.

The Face Unlock could also arrive on the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Confirmation has arrived online regarding the presence of Face Unlock within the Google Pixel 6 firmware. Despite this data, users do not have the ability to use the face recognition function, present in the past on other Pixels and very common in the Android field (mainly in 2D version, less secure than Apple’s Face ID but useful for quickly unlocking the phone). It should be noted that the user who identified the Face Unlock on Google smartphones was unable to block it and use it.

Will the feature be unlocked?

At the moment, noThere are no confirmations regarding the arrival of Face Unlock on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. This is a feature that is highly requested by users and Google may decide to retrace its steps to meet the needs of those who have purchased a new Pixel 6. More details on this feature could arrive in the next few weeks.