Is Apple Developing Game Controllers?

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According to some archiving documentsit seems that Apple is going to develop gods game controlleror able to connect seamlessly on iPhone ed iPad. Let’s find out all the details together.

Game controller coming from Apple?

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Apple may have plans for develop game controllers that can effortlessly connect to an iPhone or iPad. It also appears that the company, rather than filing a patent in the United States, has filed it in Europewhere the rules are different.

The patent was made public on 31 March 2022with the number WO2022067344 it’s the following Description.

An electronic device displays game-associated user interfaces in response to detection of input devices that have been connected to the electronic device. In addition, an electronic device displays a reduced user interface in response to the detection that a cover has covered a portion of the display of the electronic device.

In some embodiments, an electronic device displays a user interface through a display generation component of an input device. In some embodiments, an electronic device projects a user interface through a projection device of an input device.

Three different styles

Apple is rumored to be testing three styles of game controllers. The first in the pictures is titled FIGS. The model shows that the two accessories can be attached to an iPhone without too much difficulty, turning it into a portable gaming device.

While one end might be attached to the lightning port, it’s unclear how the other might pair with the iPhone. It is possible that Apple uses a pairing approach similar to that used for AirPods.

The other style is a game folio for iPhone. This folio will be in front of the iPhone display and it may show off a secondary screen to help the user communicate while typing text via a pop-up keyboard.

Finally, the third style involves a more traditional approach. However, as this is not a design patent, the actual commercial product may have a significantly different appearance. This controller may work with a Apple TV offering a slide switch control, allowing the user to start the game modelto messaging mode o la phone mode.

The patent is a document of 266 pages which contains interesting details about potential plans of the Cupertino company to launch game peripherals. However, we do not know if these will be designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV or not. We will only know in the future, so stay tuned for more details.

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