Google Pixel 7, a prototype arrives on eBay

Google Pixel 7, un prototipo arriva su eBay thumbnail

Su eBay check a Google Pixel 7 prototypethe next top-of-the-range smartphone announced during Google I / O 2022. But what will not hit the market before this fall: at the moment it is not clear how a prototype ended up on the market so far in advance.

A Google Pixel 7 prototype arrives on eBay

It seems that the Google engineers keep forgetting about prototypes everywhere. After an experimental model of the Pixel Watch remained in a Mountain View restaurant, before Google confirmed its existence, now it’s the turn of the company’s next smartphone.

In fact, a Pixel 7 prototype debuted on eBay, finished without any offer when the news began to spread. The device really looks like what it is Google presented on the Mountain View stage, with the new horizontal bar for cameras on the back.

But if you pay attention to the reflection on the photograph, it looks like whoever took it did it with a Pixel 7 Pro, which has an extra camera in a circle detached from the main oval. It therefore appears that the vendor had access to both prototypes that Google is still working on.

In the description, the seller wrote that the device uses Android 13, with the app still in an experimental phase. The device would have 8GB di RAM e 128GB of memory, but those who sell do not offer “guarantees of any kind” on its functioning. The expedition would start from McKinney, Texas.

It is not clear who wanted to sell the smartphone prototype, but it seems that he immediately suspended the sale, perhaps fearing too much attention on the sale. The new smartphone should have the second generation Tensor chip and functions that Google has yet to introduce, would therefore have been an important revelation. But in all likelihood, also a huge lawsuit for the seller to handle in court.

We would have to wait until October, in all likelihood, to see the device. But in the meantime there will be other news, we will keep you updated.