Google Pixel 7 will arrive later than expected

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Google will announce all of its new devices on October 6, but i Pixel 7 e Pixel 7 Pro they will have a delayed release: they will not arrive on the market before October 18. However, pre-orders may start directly after the announcement event.

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, release postponed to October 18

According to Caschys Blog, confirming some previous leaks, the originally planned release date was that of 13 October. But it seems instead that shipments are not expected to leave before October 18. This is only for those who will be able to pre-order immediately after the announcement.

Instead it appears that the Pixel Watchwhich Google will announce alongside the new smartphone line, is expected to arrive even later: the November 4th, almost a month after the announcement. There are no confirmations but it seems that these dates refer to the American market, so it may take a while longer for Italy (although it seems that it should not be as late as it did with the Pixel 6).

In addition to the two smartphones and its first smartwatch, it’s unclear what other products Google may announce. But it looks like it could get there new Nest hardware for the smart home.

Rumors want a new model to arrive Chromecast, designed to be as cheap as possible and directly compete with Amazon’s Fire TVs. Also, a new router may arrive Nest WiFi Pro with Mesh technology. And a new one may also come Nest Doorbellalthough there are no confirmations about it.

All the details will officially arrive on 6 October, when Google announces all of its new devices. Which are the ones that intrigue you the most? We can’t wait to try out the first Mountain View smartwatch, and you? Let us know in the comments.