Google Pixel Watch smartwatch: some images are leaked

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And Google Pixel Watch it was apparently left in a restaurant in the United States, and images sent from a source to Android Central appear to show the Google’s first smartwatch. We report them below.

Google’s first smartwatch: Pixel Watch is shown in some photos

pixel watch google tech princess

google watch pixel smartwatch tech princess

Android Central looked at pictures of the watch that could be announced during the Google I / O next month. It is possible that the watch itself may be released together with the Pixel 7.

The source, which Android Central left anonymous to protect its identity, said the watch could be “a test model for the internal Pixel team” and was found in a restaurant. The source asked Android Central to do not publish his name or the name of the restaurantincluding location, in order to protect their work.

If the pictures are realthis is the first time that the rumored watch nicknamed “Rohan” is shown to the public. 9to5Google found the hidden code in a Google update; the update indicates that the Pixel Watch will use a chipset Exynosrather than the Snapdragon model found in most watches compatible with the Wear OS 3.

banda smartwatch tech princess

The clock in the images features a design minimalista and follows what leaks have suggested in the past, which is one screen with hardly any bezels. Some images of the strap of the watch, which appears to be from Google. It also appears that the strap attaches directly to the watch case.

This could make it difficult to replace the strapsespecially when most other top Android smartwatches deliver more freedom of action through standard straps.

The source further indicated that nothing happened when he tried to turn on the smartwatch, apart from the boot logo. This probably means that there is no operating system installed yet on the watch.

We know that Google will use the new one Wear OS 3 developed in collaboration with Samsung, but we can also expect some surprises from Google. As always, it’s good to take all of this information with a grain of salt awaiting confirmation from Google.

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