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Bosch Five acquisition for level 4 autonomous driving

Bosch announces the acquisition of the startup Five, specializing in development of software applied to autonomous driving. Five’s technologies are considered complementary to those that the German group already owns.

“Five will give us new impetus to develop very safe autonomous driving systems and we will be able to offer our customers technologies.”Made in Europe‘ “, he claims Markus Heyn , head of the Mobility Solutions division within the Bosch Group. “We are very excited to join Bosch, the most advanced player in level 4 autonomous drivingand to participate in his future successes, ”he added Stan BolandPresident of Five.

After the acquisition of Atlatec, specialist in high resolution digital maps, Bosch says it wants to control the entire autonomous vehicle value chain. Five is at the forefront of cloud-based software and artificial intelligence. Already offering level 1 to 3 autonomous driving solutions, Bosch believes that level 4 applications have great potential for fleets and logistics operators.

Level 4 of autonomous driving soon became a reality with the acquisition of Five by Bosch

This acquisition by Bosch marks the next step in level 4 autonomous driving. At the moment, in fact, the main manufacturers already have everything they need to implement level 3 autonomous systems. autonomous level 3 cars will be a reality by the end of 2022. Mercedes will be one of the firstbut also BMW and Stellantis have already passed the tests.

Level 3 allows the car to take control of driving with driver supervision on specific roads, such as motorways, for a limited time. With the transition to the level 4 fully autonomous driving is allowed on motorways, and at the same time the car is expected to park anywhere. Also included are underground car parks through the “Valet” platforms, on the move and without passengers or driver on board.

Five, with its 140 experts, will take care of the development and preparation of the control software. In addition to this, it will implement a virtual cloud of data to be shared with infrastructures and other self-driving cars. They are already there beta versions that are being tested in prototypes and in real traffic conditions. This allows to obtain data in any type of condition and scenario. The data I allow to create simulation environments and check everyone’s behavior vehicle on-board systems.

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