Google Play Games porta i giochi Android su Windows, ecco come funziona thumbnail

Google Play Games brings Android games to Windows PC

Google Play Games arriva su PC Windows. One year after its presentation, the service that allows access to top games for android devices is now also available on Windows PC with a first beta. Thanks to this novelty, users can access a large number of games on their PC. There are, however, some technical requirements to be respected. Here are the full details.

Come accedere a Google Play Games su PC Windows

Games for Android devices are also coming to Windows PCs thanks to the new service Google Play Games. After a year from the announcement, in fact, Google has made its platform for games available also for Windows users.

For the moment, the service is available in beta version. To access Google Play Games is possible visit the official site of the service and then choose the option Download betaby following the installation instructions.

Between minimum requirements we find the Windows 10 operating system, at least 10 GB of SSD space, an Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU or equivalent and a CPU with at least 4 physical cores (some games require an Intel CPU) and 8 GB of RAM memory.

With the service it is possible to use the mouse and keyboard to play the various titles which will therefore be available on the PC without real limitations thanks to a virtualization system that allows you to take advantage of the Android apps on Windows.

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