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Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses: new features and support for Meta accounts

The new Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses designed with EssilorLuxottica add new features and support for Meta accounts

Ray-Ban Stories are the flagship smart glasses, designed and manufactured in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica to combine design and functionality. So you can create unique content on the go, fully experiencing every moment. The company continues to improve the smart glasses with regular software updates and new features. Today we shared the latest news that will make them more powerful and more intuitive over time.

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses: new features and support for Meta accounts

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses: better telephone integration

Now you can use voice commands to call and send messages using your phone number. This way you can communicate hands-free with your contacts and listen to the reading of new incoming text messages. Your text messages, phone numbers and contact history will remain on your device and will not be shared with Meta’s servers. Also added support for hands-free calling and messaging features on WhatsApp, Messenger and your own phone number. On WhatsApp, your personal messages and calls are automatically protected by end-to-end encryption. When the voice assistant identifies a voice command related to WhatsApp calling or messaging, the voice transcript and audio are not stored on any server. Also, the contact list names shown in WhatsApp are only saved locally. They are not stored on Meta’s servers.


People have been enjoying Spotify Tap for Ray-Ban Stories on iOS and now coming to Android as well. This means that you can start playing music from your Spotify account with a single tap by holding down the touchpad of the glasses. With another tap on the touchpad you will receive a new suggestion from Spotify. With these updates, you’ll be able to live every moment and capture it without missing a single moment. We’ve also added some much-requested features to let people use voice commands more. Now you can reply directly to incoming WhatsApp, Messenger and text messages, just by using your voice. After the voice assistant has read the message, just say “Hey Facebook, reply”.

You can also send a new WhatsApp, Messenger or text message with just one voice command. For example, you could say, “Hey Facebook, text Jasmine on WhatsApp — can’t wait for spring break,” and the glasses will ask for confirmation of the message before sending. Also, you can answer or reject incoming calls hands-free. If you want to start the conversation, you can say, “Hey Facebook, reply.” While if you’re busy with something, just say “Hey Facebook, decline,” to send it back to voicemail.

Smarter voice interactions

We’re also making it easier to interact with Ray-Ban Stories in a more conversational way. Instead of saying “Send a message,” soon you’ll be able to say things like “Ask Marta if she wants to come to the party” or “Tell David I love him.” The glasses will be able to deduce that you are trying to send a message and use the correct punctuation based on cues of context. These new features will be rolled out gradually for all Ray-Ban Stories users and will work on WhatsApp, Messenger, calls and messages with your phone number in Italian, English and French.

Smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories: account Meta

Meta accounts offer a new way to access smart glasses that don’t require a Facebook account. They also allow people to have more control over the information they share and how they interact with our apps and devices. From the end of June, a Meta account will be required to use the Facebook View app and Ray-Ban Stories. If you already have a Meta account, you can use it for Ray-Ban Stories and the Facebook View app. Alternatively, you can create a new Meta account using your email or your Facebook or Instagram login.

In the Account Management Center you can choose whether to add your Facebook or Instagram accounts to the Meta account. Whether or not you add your Facebook or Instagram accounts, you will still have access to all the much-loved features of Ray-Ban Stories. Like hands-free calling and texting, and photo and video sharing.

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