Il Google Play Store fornirà informazioni sull'utilizzo dei dati da parte delle app thumbnail

Google Play Store: Apps will need to communicate how they use data

The Google Play Store will provide information on the use of data by the thumbnail apps

Il Google Play Store prepares to update itself for introduce a new feature designed to offer additional privacy information and how apps process user data. This is a small but fundamental novelty that aims to make the behavior of an app more transparent before even starting the download.

More privacy space in the information of an app on the Google Play Store

Developers who publish apps on the Google Play Store will be asked to fill in a new description of the behavior of their applications. That sheet will cover data management and the behavior of the application itself. It should also be noted that developers will also have to constantly update this section to adapt it in the event of a change in the app’s behavior following an update. Each app in the Google Play Store must therefore inform the user about the collection of data and the purpose of such collection. The sharing of data with third parties must also be communicated. It will also be necessary to specify whether data collection is mandatory or optional.

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More information before download

Google’s goal is to provide users with more information before starting an app download. With this system, therefore, it will not be necessary to download the app to check its permissions and the type of data use. Just consult the appropriate section of the store to obtain all this information in advance. All the privacy news announced by Google are available on the official blog.

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