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Google pushes Apple towards RCS messaging

Google’s Android team has launched the new “Get the Message” website, which once again invites Apple to adopt the RCS messaging – Rich Communication Services -. On the other hand, for years the technological giant has been trying to convince the Cupertino company, and just as many that it has not received any response back. But Google does not lose hope. And let’s see if it will work this time.

RCS Messaging: Google invites Apple to embrace technology

The new site “Get the Message” released by Google aims to address the question “bubbles green / blue “ that plagues iOS and Android users. In addition to a number of cross-platform messaging problems, such as low quality photos and videos, end-to-end encryption, read receipts, and more. All issues that could be solved if Apple switched to RCS messaging. On the other hand, as the website states, “it is time for Apple to resolve the issue of text messages”. “It’s not about the color of the bubbles. They are photos and videos, no sms over Wi-Fi and no read receipts. Apple creates these problems when we text messages from iPhones and Android phones, but it does nothing to fix it “.

RCS Apple messaging

The website claims that iPhones downgrade photos and videos from Android users, prevent them from leaving group chats with Android users, and from texting Android phones over Wi-Fi. In short, Apple would make the conversation between the users of the two operating systems impossible. Reason why Google would have decided to encourage users to ask the Cupertino company to adopt the RCS technology. Indeed, to involve the public, the Android team has shared an article on the official blog in which it explains how Rich Communication Services workand why text conversations between ‌iPhone‌ and Android users sometimes encounter problems.

“IPhones still rely on SMS and MMS for conversations with Android users, which is why your group chats seem so outdated,” the blog reads. Think of it this way: if you have two groups of people who use different spoken languages, they can communicate effectively in their respective languages ​​with other people who speak their language, but they can’t speak to each other. And when they try to talk to each other, they have to recite what they are saying, as if they are playing. Now think of RCS as a magical translator that helps multiple groups speak fluently, but each group has to use the translator and if not, each of them will have to use the motions again ”.

The solution would therefore be RCS messaging, capable of “connecting all smartphone users”. But will Apple really agree to embrace the new technology? For the moment, as usual, the company has not provided any response.

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