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Trust Maku Ring Light vlogging kit review: ready to become a star?

In this review we will analyze Trust’s Maku Ring Light vlogging kit, with this practical set we will improve vlogs, photographs and selfies, thanks to its 10 ″ light ring that guarantees us a perfect light in any situation

Trust proposes us TASTEhis kit for vlog, a product that aims at simplify our work during i vlog are Youtube, reel per Instagramballets on Tik Tok, video calls or conferences on smartphone. Thanks to his ring from 10″ creates the perfect light at any time, guaranteeing us professional use for video, streaming e selfie. Con remote control, tripod and smartphone clamp supplied, this set provides everything you need for a true vlogger location.

Trust gave us the opportunity to try it. We will analyze the key aspects of the product, will it be able to satisfy us? Let’s find out together in this review.

Trust Maku Ring Light vlogging kit review: ready to become a star?

Technical specifications

  • Led size: 10 inches
  • Number of lights, intensity and maximum power: 120 – 450 lumens – 10 w
  • Brightness regulator: 10 steps
  • Dimensions of the smartphone: up to 88 mm wide
  • Light temperature: 3200k-5600k
  • Checks: Bluetooth, light color mode, light intensity, power, camera shutter
  • Connection: USB
  • Cable length: 2 m
  • Dimensions: 395x305x305 mm
  • Weight: 428 g
  • Materials: plastic
  • Compatibility: smartphone

Trust Maku Ring Light vlogging kit review: ready to become a star?

Packaging e design | Recensione Trust Maku Ring Light vlogging kit

The packaging is made in cardboard and is made for save resourcesTrust always gives a special consideration verso the environment. Inside we find the 10 inch ring light, flexible smartphone clamp, tripod, a ball head, wireless self-timer remote control (with battery included) and user guide.

The Maku ring light is in plastic, black, as well as everything else inside the package. From design compact and complete, lighting photos and videos is child’s play thanks to its 10 ″ ring. The compact design offers it all power that you need, while guaranteeing portability and simplicity of use. Just mount it on your tripod to start vlogging, taking photos and video calling.

The combination of materials causes it not to be heavy (weigh true 428 g) o uncomfortable to handle. However, it would have benefited from stiffer legs to adjust its height or the space occupied by the base. The tripod legs don’t accept different positions, so we can’t play around with their adjustment too much. The mobile clamp is stiff enough to offer safety and stability, yet flexible enough to be manipulated at will.

Trust Maku Ring Light vlogging kit review: ready to become a star?

Considerations and use | Trust Maku Ring Light vlogging kit review

Light is a indispensable element to consider when doing streaming. Relying on natural or artificial room lighting can be helpful, but sooner or later you will notice the limitations. Especially during the night sessions. The Maku Ring Light Vlogging Kit is designed to create video content via our smartphone. Cannot be put a video camera or camera.

Everyone can find the lighting they prefer. The LED ring of 25 cm (10 ″) has 120 bulbs LED. Compatible with phones up to 88 mm. The light is adjustable in three variants: warm, cold and neutralwhile in terms of power, they are available up to 10 levelsfrom the most blinding to the weakest.

The cable is long 2 metersequipped with a small remote control connected to the cable USB from which you can configure everything you need in a simple and intuitive way. Maku kit weighs only 428 g. Also there is a controller wireless for the self-timer, equipped with two buttons (capture with IOS and capture with Android) excellent for any operating system of your smartphone.

Powered via USB, then just plug it into your phone charger to start shooting or streaming. You can also use a power bankto take it on a trip or around and shoot wherever and whenever you want.

Conclusions and price

The Maku’s strong point is undoubtedly its own simplicity. It is a light ring easy to assemble, robust looking and easy to attach to your phone. With a connection USB. The advantages of filming a Reels, and TikTok of uno Short they are definitely superior to those obtained with their own hands.

he kit Maku Ring Light Vlogging is the right choice. With a relationship price / performance very advantageous, I highly recommend the product, we were very satisfied with it and look forward to the next model with adjustable tripod and height.

This was our review of the Trust vlogging kit. Let us know below in the comments what you think of this model from the Dordrecht company. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

Points in favor

  • Excellent brightness
  • Maneuverability
  • Practicality
  • Multifunction remote controls

Points against

  • Clamp only for smartphone
  • Stand not adjustable in height

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