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Google, steps forward to reduce quantum errors

Google announces progress with Quantum AIarriving at reduce quantum computation errors, increasing the number of qubits. A step forward for quantum computing research.

Google, steps forward to reduce quantum errors

Google is investing heavily in quantum computing. Three years ago Google’s quantum computers topped the fastest “traditional” supercomputers in existence. An important milestone for research in this area.

Today, Google has published in Nature an important novelty for research. In fact, Google scientists have announced the possibility of reducing quantum errors by increasing the number of qubits. The qubit is the basic unit of quantum information, which it can assume values ​​other than simple 0 and 1.

Google Quantum Processor min

This means that instead of working on individual physical qubits of the quantum processor, Google treats a set of physical qubits as a single logical qubit made up of 49 physical qubitswhich has brought improvements over a 17 logical qubits.

Quantum computers use special algorithms to manipulate qubits in an orderly way. However, even scattered light can cause miscalculations, something worse increasing the size of computers.

Google’s breakthrough therefore makes it possible to reduce error rates by increasing the number of physical qubits in a logical unit, allowing lower uncertainty and improve algorithms. In this way, they can become more useful in daily use.

Google continues to work on Quantum AI, also to develop a responsible approach to quantum computing. For example, making sure services like Google Cloud, Android and Chrome remain safe and secure in a quantum future. You can find more information in the Post by Sundar Pichai on the Google blog.

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