Google, the AI ​​to generate images and text of personalized advertising

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Lgenerative artificial intelligence will soon be in the service of the system Google advertisements: Google Ads images will also be made with AI. Also, there will be personalized texts for users.

Google will use AI for personalized advertising (text and images)

If it is true that Google is investing in all-round AI, advertising it remains the Mountain View company’s main source of income and the world’s largest advertising retailer. Investing in this area therefore becomes fundamental.

The new system will be able to create personalized text ads based on searches of the user and combine them with images artificially modified. These are new functions in an area where AI has already been present for years improve user and advertiser experience. Another field where generative AI will be integrated are the texts created by generative research, with technologies similar to those used by Bard and the new generative research, but always starting from real elements

Artificial intelligence often produces texts and images with imperfectionssometimes even serious. Jerry Dischler, vice president of Google Ads, assures that the company will be “careful” In the check texts and images.

The new features are designed especially for advertiserswho will no longer have to provide the system with a list of alternative texts that Google chose based on the search. Likewise, it will no longer be necessary pay photographers to take many photos of the same product. The AI ​​will take care of inserting the subject in various contexts.

This should lower costs for companies, but it is not clear what consequences it will have on the labor market in this area. Google’s ubiquity in advertising means that the impact will, no doubt, be global.