Mobvoi presents the TicWatch Pro 5 smartwatch, the most powerful ever

Mobvoi presenta lo smartwatch TicWatch Pro 5, il più potente di sempre thumbnail

Mobvoi Inc., the leading AI company and creator of the TicWatch smartwatches, today introduces the highly anticipated TicWatch Pro 5 new generation. As an industry leader in AI and hardware integration, Mobvoi has strengthened its AI capabilities with the development of large language models that have the potential to enhance the AI ​​co-drive function of the TicWatch series.

TicWatch Pro 5, perfect for monitoring your health

TicWatch Pro 5 is the first smartwatch equipped with the new Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 wearable platform, which supports versatile sensors, more accurate health algorithms and longer battery life. These advanced features position TicWatch Pro 5 as a co-pilot of user health, with the ability to collect health data, analyze it locally or through Mobvoi’s backend LLM model, to provide personal health insights and guidance.

The smartwatch is also launching with the latest version of Wear OS from Google (Wear OS 3) to help users stay connected in style. With the toughest exterior materials of any other TicWatch and an all-new rotating crown for easier navigation, the TicWatch Pro 5 is the most powerful and durable smartwatch in the TicWatch class.

The design

The main case of the TicWatch Pro 5 is designed for ultra-strong durability using aerospace-grade aluminum and a surgical-grade metal bezel, which offers a lightweight feel while still being highly resistant to damage and corrosion. The screen, equipped with fingerprint protection, is bright and easy to read and is protected by a chip-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. Tested to meet US-MIL-STD 810H and 5ATM water resistance requirements, the TicWatch Pro 5 is built to take on constant use and tough adventures, with the ability to swim in open water.

The TicWatch Pro 5 proudly maintains the distinctive and celebrated legacy of the dual layer display design famously associated with the TicWatch series. TicWatch Pro 5 users will immediately notice the new design of the device’s dual-layer display (i.e. the ultra-low power display) and the updated features of the Essential mode. The ultra-low-power display allows you to view vital metrics through switchable icons by turning the crown, all without activating the watch.

The Smart Essential mode

The updated Essential mode introduces the Smart Essential mode which allows the watch to automatically go to sleep if it does not detect any movement, for example while the user is sleeping or not wearing it. This allows you to proactively and strategically plan battery usage and extend battery life up to 80 hours. With a quick 30-minute charge, the TicWatch Pro 5 can achieve 65% battery life, ensuring all your workouts, nights out and day trips are connected.

TicWatch Pro 5, all the technical characteristics

  • Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 wearable platform: It offers an unprecedented user experience, with more processing power, faster connectivity and better energy efficiency.
  • The latest version of Wear OS from Google: TicWatch Pro 5 is equipped with the latest version of Wear OS from Google (Wear OS 3).
  • Rotating crown: It allows for a touch-free experience and a faster way to navigate and launch apps, adjust volume and zoom in/out on maps, perfect for wet hands or when wearing gloves.
  • Advanced display with very low energy consumption (ULP Display)
    • Rotating crown navigation icons: The TicWatch Pro 5 introduces the innovative ULP icon display to always show biological data and environmental information. These include heart rate, blood oxygen, calories, compass and other essential data, accessed by turning the crown.
    • In TicExercise, the ULP display introduces innovative heart rate zone backlighting and switchable fitness metrics. Trail runners and night joggers can easily monitor their heart rate with just a glance at the changing colors of the display, without interrupting their pace.
  • Ricovery Time e VO2 Max: Know your limits and when to push yourself during exercise. VO2 Max predicts the maximum amount of oxygen you can use during exercise. Thanks to Mobvoi’s AI-enhanced algorithms, the recovery time of the TicWatch Pro 5 evaluates the user’s physical condition.
  • Compass, barometer and multi-GNSS: It allows you to plan your route more precisely and know your routes in real time, so you never get lost in nature.

Additional features

  • Updated essential mode: It now supports both scheduled and smart arming and gives you access to important biological information, environmental data and advanced sleep tracking with extremely low power consumption.
  • Long battery life and fast charging: The huge 628mAh capacity allows for a battery life of up to 80 hours
  • . Thanks to the fast charging technology, the battery can reach 65%with a quick charge of 30 minutes.
  • One-tap measurement : Access five health metrics (heart rate, blood oxygen, breathing rate, stress level, and heart health rating) after exercise at any time with a single tap on the screen.
  • Improved sleep tracking: Newly added features include respiration rate tracking, customizable blood oxygen tracking, skin temperature tracking, and AI-powered algorithms that generate daily, weekly, and monthly sleep reports.
  • Improved Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring: More precise data (HR, SPO2, IHB, atrial fibrillation) that allow you to carry out prudent physical activity and provide fundamental information on the user’s general health and lifestyle.
  • Stress management: TicHealth fatigue assessment and TicZen energy and stress level monitoring.
  • Over 100 professional training modes: Newly integrated open water swimming and altitude calibration for climbing or trail running.
  • MIL-STD-810H: Durable to withstand sudden drops in air pressure and climate change.
  • 5ATM water resistant and suitable for open water swimming: TicWatch Pro 5 supports underwater heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking. It can withstand exposure to open water or rain without sustaining damage.

Stay connected:

Thanks to the phone’s Bluetooth connectivity, users can answer and place calls directly from their wrist without having to pick up the phone. Price and availabilityMobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 5 is now available on and Amazon for only

€ 359.99 . The watch comes in an “obsidian” black finish, with five 24mm bands to choose from: “Go Wild” silicone bands in Jungle Green, Bonfire Orange and Twilight Blue, and “Go Urban” genuine leather bands in Tuxedo Black and Smart Casual Blue.