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Google: the future lies in artificial intelligence and internet search

Google: the future lies in artificial intelligence and the internet search thumbnail

While the global tech giants now see the metaverso as the next step in the growth of their business, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai said the company’s future will lie in artificial intelligence and internet search. For this reason the company will focus on improving artificial intelligence to meet the increasingly detailed requests of users.

Google: the company’s future lies in artificial intelligence and internet search

“I am fortunate that our mission is endless. Now the need to organize data is greater than ever “explained the CEO of Google and Alphabet in an interview with Bloomberg Television, who seems convinced that consumers will increasingly ask questions to computers through voice and”multimodal interaction“. Precisely for this reason the goal of the search engine is to adapt to this type of needs.

Since joining Google in 2015, Pichai has pushed hard on the cloud computing and artificial intelligence industries, areas that have recently gained more regulatory scrutiny. The company’s main growing areas of business, in his view, are cloud services, YouTube and the app store; that will develop thanks to various investments in artificial intelligence.

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Google’s major partners such as Microsoft and they see the future of technology in the virtual worlds of the metaverse, which has become a real trend now. Google in this regard has already published several products in virtual and augmented reality; although the success of these products was limited by the resounding failure of Google Glass.

However, the company has recently opened a new specialized division reporting directly to Pichai, but there is still no information on any new projects in this direction: “I have always found the future of immersive computing fascinating. It is the evolution of the Internet “, concluded the CEO.

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