Xbox Series S: Sales twice as high as Series X

Xbox Series X

According to the findings of Ampere Analytics, Xbox Series S has seen much higher sales than its Series X counterpart in several key markets, during its first year of marketing. According to official data, this preference for Series S should be partly due to the semiconductor crisis, which makes Series X much more difficult to find.

Xbox Series S: Record Sales

The next gen strategy implemented by Microsoft had greatly destabilized the experts in the sector, when the Redmond giant presented the Xbox Series X accompanied by the less powerful Series S. However, time seems to have proved Bill Gates’ companions right, also due to the semiconductor crisis which has been affecting the market for more than a year now and which shows no sign of diminishing in intensity.

Another strong point of the S Series, which has certainly affected the sales results to some extent, is the price. Microsoft’s digital console is in fact significantly cheaper than both the competition and its twin, which has led many users to prefer it when purchasing.

Let us also remember that with the offer of the Game Pass it does not even arise the problem of having to save to buy the games, already included in the package.

According to Ampere, the success of the S Series has had a significant impact on Xbox digital game sales compared to the PlayStation 5, whose users still prefer the disc model over the full digital version. A detail that is not surprising, given that PlayStation players are more inclined to refer to secondary markets such as the used one.