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Google unveils new Roboto Serif font

Google has officially unveiled the new Roboto Serif font. It is an evolution of Roboto, a font introduced in 2011 as a system reference for Android. The new Google font was designed with the aim of making reading more comfortable regardless of the size of the font and the type of screen. Here are the details.

Google’s new Roboto Serif font debuts

The font unveiled by Google was developed with the aim of make reading comfortable, in different contexts of use. It is a central element to be able to consult a text without difficulty. Roboto Serif aims to fully satisfy this type of user need.

Google built Roboto Serif with digital media in mind. As pointing out from the company though, the font is also suitable for printed paper, which is equally convenient and comfortable for reading. The font is adaptable to various sizes having been designed “from scratch” as a “variable character”.

Note that the font is licensed Open Font License. Consequently, it can be used in various contexts and, in the future, it could find widespread diffusion both on digital media and for more traditional printing. The font was officially unveiled today, with a official blog postbut was built in the course of 2021.

An example of the new font

Here are some examples of the new font made by Google:

Roboto serif

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