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Windows 11 aims for gaming with Xbox’s HDR calibration app

Among the many innovations di Windows 11 in the latest update there are several optimizations for gaming. In fact it arrives Xbox HDR Game Calibration. Microsoft also aims to reduce lag in old gamesand brings Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to games even in a window and not just in full screen.

Windows 11 improves several gaming features

The arrival of Xbox HDR Game Calibration in Windows 11 it means PC gamers will be able to improve the accuracy and texture of their HDR display, just like on Xbox. There will be three tests to efficiently calibrate the screen’s HDR.

Microsoft unveiled the functionality Auto HDR along with Windows 11, pointing out how the transition from Xbox Series X and S consoles to PC was natural. but now brings some optimizations that allow you to use theAuto HDR and the VRR also in the windowsas well as full screen.

Windows 11 Browser 1024x576

Optimizing graphics will also allow old PC games to be played in windowed mode with reduced latency, according to Microsoft. There will be an entire section of “Optimizations for Windowed Games” in the Windows 11 Graphics Settings, also available for old DirectX 10 and 11 games.

The manager of the DirectX team at Microsoft Hannah Fisher explained, “This new optimizations specifically apply to windowed and borderless window games because, if you are using Full Screen mode, similar optimizations already exist. And this new setting brings a consistent experience in whichever mode you take advantage of.

Microsoft has begun testing for these features, so some mightor arrive in the next few months. But all should be available to testers soon. We will keep you updated on the official arrival.

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