Google wants to launch YouTube Podcasts

Google vuole lanciare YouTube Podcasts thumbnail

According to the latest rumors, Google is hiring executives to manage its new platform YouTube Podcasts. The videostreaming site already offers a lot of space for podcast recordings but not a dedicated service and specific tools for creators. But the situation should soon change.

YouTube Podcasts could be coming very soon

There aren’t many more popular sites than YouTube. Indeed, there is only one: the Google homepage. Mountain View’s video streaming service has more visits than any other online platform in the world. But that doesn’t stop the company running it from look for new spaces to grow.

YouTube has launched services such as Movies to buy movies, Gaming to compete with Twitch, Music to reply to Spotify. And according to Bloomberg, it could soon launch a variant of its platform for the world of podcasts. An ever growing reality, especially in the United States where they are becoming one of the main mediums ever.

The new variant does not seem dissimilar to what happened for YouTube Gaming. Many gamers and video game professionals were already posting their videos on YouTube, perhaps extrapolating the best moments of their Twitch broadcasts. Google simply has provided specific tools for a market already present on the platform.

If you are also a podcast fan, you can most likely find your favorite episodes on YouTube as well. In some cases with video feedback from your trusted conductors, other times with a static image. Google may be moving the playback tools it now provides with Google Podcasts (not widely used) to enhance the fan experience.

Google Music didn’t work and became YouTube Music. Soon the same thing could happen for podcasts. Making Google’s streaming platform even more the most visited site of the whole World Wide Web.