LG TONE Free: two new models of true wireless headphones arrive

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The range of LG TONE FREE true wireless Bluetooth headphones is enriched with two new models that guarantee comfort and performance.

LG TONE Free: the two new models of true wireless headphones

They officially arrive well two new models in the range of True Wireless Bluetooth headphones LG TONE Free. It is about FP9 e FP5, earphones characterized by advanced features combined with maximum comfort and wearability. The entire range is available in Italy in two colors (Pearl White and Charcoal Black) on LG Online Shop and in authorized stores. The recommended retail price of 199 Euros for the FP9 and of 129 Euros for FP5.

The new models are the result of the work of the LG team, which paid particular attention to fit and user needs. In this regard, the collaboration with a laboratory specialized in ergonomic design technology was born. This, after having analyzed the auricles of hundreds of subjects, gave birth to a characteristic shape: the basin design. The name derives from the basin of the ears in which the earphones are accommodated.

Thanks to this shape, and to the reduction of 4.4mm the size of the earbuds compared to previous models, LG has created the perfect fit for an active lifestyle. In fact, the new TONE Free remain firmly in the ears even when doing physical exercises or talking for a long time. All without pressing excessively on the ear canal. The headphones are equipped with the IPX4 certification for resistance to splashes of water, rain and sweat.

New features and innovative features

Among the new features we point out Headphone Spatial Processing at Meridian Audio. It is a system capable of enveloping the listener with a sound that seems to come from all directions. Plus the functionality 3D Sound Stage, which processes sound expanding it into space, delivers more realistic audio for an even more captivating listening experience. Finally there is the Flex Action Bass, allows the new TONE Free models to offer more powerful bass without compromising the clarity and definition of the sound.

As for the usability during calls, the new models of headphones provide three microphones in each earphone. This is enough to guarantee optimal calls and a perfect rendering of the voice sound. Also, the new Whisper mode guarantees privacy and clarity during phone calls. allowing you to make and receive calls in both very quiet and noisy spaces.

Both new models are equipped with the function of Active Noise Cancellation. This reduces low frequency noise that passive cancellation systems cannot filter out. The active noise cancellation system is even more efficient thanks to the use of the microphones of the earphones themselves. In fact, these intercept environmental noises and reduce them, producing identical but imperceptible sound waves for the listener.

LG TONE Free: the FP9 model

The FP9 model confirms the presence of UVnano sanitizing technology, which reduces the chance of infections in the inner ear. The UV-C LED, installed in the TONE Free case, is indeed proven to reduce bacteria on the speaker mesh by 99.9%. All in just five minutes when charging via cable. In addition, for even more thorough hygiene, the LG TONE Free are equipped with hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone eartips.

The FP9 case has the function Plug & Wireless which allows you to use the wireless headphones even with those devices that do not have Bluetooth. By connecting these devices, such as a portable console or a gym machine, to the charging base via the included USB-C – AUX adapter, the sound will be transmitted to the headphones for total freedom and listening comfort.

LG TONE Free True Wireless headphones also prove to be ideal partners for listening on the go thanks to compatibility with a wide range of devices, including Windows PCs and laptops, to exceptional battery life – which offers up to 24 hours of playback ( 10 hours without case, 24 hours if used with the charging case) -, and to the fast charge that guarantees a full hour of listening in just five minutes of charging.

More features when paired with the LG app

Finally, pair with the free app LG TONE Free, the headphones offer even more features, including the audio equalizer, the Ambient and Chat mode (the latter to better hear the voice of the interlocutors without removing the headphones), the customization of touch controls and the Find the Earphones function to help to locate them when they are lost. The app also features the experimental feature called LAB, where users can access special settings such as Whisper Mode and Game Mode, which greatly reduces sound delay to better suit use for gaming sessions.