Google will add a new SafeSearch mode to keep users safe

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Users of Google they probably know the filtro SafeSearch of the engine, which removes results containing violent content, sexually explicit or anyway unsafe for children, even on devices used by the whole family. However, even if you have deactivated SafeSearch because you think you can handle what’s out thereHowever, there are situations that cannot be predicted and in which it would be better for the filter to do its job. And that is why Google announced the arrival of a new SafeSearch mode.

A new SafeSearch mode coming soon, word from Google

Enabling this option as shown in one of the posts about The Keywordwill make automatically blur inappropriate images in search results even without SafeSearch fully enabled. I lyrics eh inappropriate linksinstead, they will appear. Individual images can also be blurred as desired.

This “blur” mode differs from what will be called actual “filter”.That completely removes inappropriate image results.

Overall, we can consider this feature useful in traditional offices or during screen sharing in video conferencingsituations where you never know what might happen in front of other people.

The company plans to introduce this feature “in the coming months.” Google users will find the new option in SafeSearch settings. Once launched, the setting it will be enabled by default for Google users that have not activated the SafeSearch filter. SafeSearch is on by default for Google users aged between 13 and 18 years old.

SafeSearch it is not infallible when determining what is appropriate to show and what is not, so keep that in mind. We await confirmations from Google and an official date for this new mode.

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