ABYstyle Studio presents the GRENDIZER Jumbo Bonus Version

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ABYstyle has officially announced the huge “GRENDIZER Jumbo Bonus Version” 60cm tall and limited to only 3000 pieces worldwide

UFO Robot Goldrake it is one of the most iconic anime ever. Based on the manga of the great master Gō Nagai, UFO Robot was the product that managed to introduce the Japanese cartoon in various European countries, including Italy. The mecha phenomenon, then, was so relevant as to represent a cultural event strong enough to be studied by scientists and sociologists.

Despite the several decades since the first appearance of Grendizer (or GRENDIZER), that of Ufo Robot is today one of the most solid fanbases not only in Japan, but throughout the world. ABYstyle Studio (a company that we have come to know on our pages) has recently announced a limited edition figure dedicated to Nagai’s product. Let’s talk about the “GRENDIZER Jumbo Bonus Version“: let’s see what it is!

ABYstyle Studio presents the GRENDIZER Jumbo Bonus Version

ABYstyle Studio is proud to present its new exclusive creation: the GRENDIZER JUMBO. Nearly half a century after its first steps, Gō Nagai’s famous UFO returns to save our blue planet!

Inspired by the great classics, its design will delight both nostalgics and the most demanding fans, thanks to the care that has been dedicated to its design! Paying homage to the battle scenes from the 1970s animated series, the robot’s interchangeable backlit parts allow it to recreate the “Screw Crusher Punch” and “Backhand Missile” attacks.

Supplied with a missile launcher fist and 14 projectiles, the GRENDIZER Jumbo includes a number of modernized accessories and ingenious retractable magazines located on the shoulders and along the legs. Its magnetic Double Harken and its metal belt help make this collector’s item exceptional.

The limited edition GRENDIZER JUMBO will feature closed box packaging adorned with illustrations. With only 3,000 numbered examples produced worldwide, this iconic collector’s piece is more than just a tribute: the dream of multiple generations becomes reality.

The ABYstyle Studio mecha will boast aheight of 60cm and will enjoy articulation and illumination at various points.

Price and availability

The GRENDIZER Jumbo Bonus Version of ABYstyle Studio will be available for pre-order on the official website, at a price of €599.99, starting February 10, 2023.

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