Google will allow Match to use alternative payment systems

Google permetterà a Match di utilizzare sistemi di pagamento alternativi thumbnail

Google reached a provisional agreement con Match Groupthe dating app provider behind Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid, which will allow its apps to stay on Google Play Store while offering alternative payment systems. The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Let’s find out all the details together.

Google will allow Match to use alternative payment systems

Earlier this month, Match Group unveiled a complaint against Googleclaiming that the company has “illegally monopolized the app distribution market” by requiring app developers to use Google’s billing system and then taking up to 30% discount on in-app purchases. Match Group then requested a temporary restraining order against Google, but withdrew the request Friday after Google made some concessions.

In addition to Google’s promise of do not block o remove applications of Match Group from the Play Store for the use of third party payment systemsGoogle needs to implement “additional billing system features that are important to Match Group”.

Instead of paying Google a fee for the payments that take place outside your billing systemMatch has set up a $ 40 million guarantee fund until an official agreement is reached; also must keeping track of all the commissions it should have owed to Google as of July 1st. The process for both companies is scheduled for April 2023.

Just like Match, too Bandcampowned by Epic Games, is engaged in a legal battle against Google. Last month Epic filed a request for preliminary injunction to prevent Google from remove the music store from its app store.

Bandcamp announced on Friday that it had achieved a agreement similar to that entered into by Match with Google. According to reports, the deal allows Bandcamp to stay on the Google Play Store while using the own payment system.

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