Google will end support for the Street View app

Google annuncia la fine del supporto all'app di Street View thumbnail

Google is preparing to retire the Street View app. One of the functions most appreciated by users who take advantage of Google services will no longer be available as a stand alone app but, of course, will continue to be accessible through Maps. Here are the full details:

Google will withdraw the Street View app for Android and iOS

Starting from March 23, 2023, Google’s official support for the Street View app will end, for both Android and iOS devices. The official announcement from Google has arrived in these hours. However, the service will remain active.

L’StreetView’s stand alone app will no longer be available but users canor continue to use all functions via Google Maps, as has been the case for some time. This system will make it possible to focus development efforts on integrating Street View into Google Maps.

The service was launched by Google 15 years ago. Over the years, it has grown considerably and can now count on millions and millions of users. The stand alone app, on the other hand, has never been particularly successful. In fact, users find it more convenient to access the function from the Maps app.

The application, as noted above, will continue to be supported until next March.