Twitter: tra le prime novità della gestione Elon Musk ci sarà il tasto Edit per tutti thumbnail

Twitter: among the news of the Elon Musk management there will be the Edit button

Between first news of the Elon Musk management of Twitter there could be theintroduction of the Edit button for all which will allow you to edit tweets without subscriptions. Here are the complete details on the project which represents one of the first innovations that Elon Musk could introduce in Twitter. Here are all the details regarding this novelty:

Elon Musk will make the Edit button in Twitter available to all users

One of the first innovations that will characterize Twitter’s Musk management is the introduction of the Edit button for all. Thanks to this button, previously available only to Blue subscribers, it is possible to edit a post after publication (within 30 minutes from when the tweet is online).

This feature is expected to arrive soon for all users. At the moment, however, there is still no official confirmation from Musk who, currently, is, in fact, the only source of information regarding the news of Twitter.

Recall that the fondatore del social network, Jack Dorsey, it has been said several times contrary to the possibility of introducing the Edit button for everyone users. This button, inserted only later to make Twitter Blue more interesting, represents one of the most requested features by users. Further updates on the issue should arrive shortly.

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