Google will penalize clickbait and news aggregators

Google penalizzerà clickbait e aggregatori di news thumbnail

Google it will penalize low-quality content in its search engine by moving results down clickbait e aggregators of news. With several updates in the coming months he wants to reduce the content created just to generate traffic and do those of quality emerge instead.

Google will penalize clickbait and news aggregators

Starting next week, Google will begin implementing what it calls theHelpful Content Update, an update to bring out the help content for users. This update aims to bring out contents written by experts on various subjects, focusing on quality and on‘education. But also better results for entertainment, shopping and tech content.

As an example, the company of Mountain View explains that if you are looking for information on a movie, you will more easily find reviews and articles with new and fresh information, rather than review aggregators without any point of view or detail. The same will be true for the news: more space for careful analysis and better quality content.

For some time the company has been advising anyone who wants to be found on Google (by those like us who write news to companies who want to sell a product) to think about the contents for the people who will use them. Without forgetting the SEO rules (search engine optimization), but remembering that quality must remain the first point of reference.

So it suggests creating useful content, showing first-hand experiences and knowledge on the subject. Also advised to avoid “Excessive automation”. As well as not paying attention to reaching a certain word count (have you ever read a guide where the first point comes after three different introductions) and remove unnecessary content from your site.

In the near future it also wants to introduce new products to show only quality reviews on products (many times online you can find Amazon review aggregators rather than original content, like ours). And many other news that it should improve Google Search. So that people find what they are looking for and companies, journalists, creatives can show their best work.