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M2 Pro, the new Apple chip in production this year

The Taiwanese company TSMCwhich has been assembling i chip Applewill start the production of chip M2 Pro a 3 nanometri by the end of 2022. In fact, TSMC will start producing chips with 3nm architecture by September, according to a second report confirming the first.

Apple will begin manufacturing the 3-nanometer M2 Pro chips by the end of 2022

According to reports from Taiwan Commercial Times and other Taiwanese industry experts confirm, TSMC is about to start producing chip M2 Pro for Apple. After presenting the ‘basic’ version of M2 on MacBook Air and Pro, Apple wants to prepare the next generation of computers for professionals.

In fact, Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman had already confirmed that Apple would be ready to launch the new ones 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro in late 2022 and the beginning of next yearor. And both would have the option of an M2 Pro chip (with an M2 Pro also on the way for the most demanding of professionals).

The start of the production of 3-nanometer chips, however, is not only important for the audience of professionals who will buy the new Apple laptop. In fact, it looks like Apple will use that process for i as well chip A17which will feed the next iPhone 15 Pro e 15 Pro coming for September 2023.

Furthermore, they would also be the basis for Apple’s next generation of computer chips, the M3 that could arrive as early as next year (even if there are less certainties on this).

The transition to the new architecture should ensure significantly improved performance and above all greater energy efficiency, which should translate into longer battery life. Which perhaps Apple could also use to bring the Apple Silicon also on Mac mini top of the range and the torre Mac ProApple’s only computers that still have Intel chips.

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