Le nuove funzionalità di Google che aiutano le persone e le città a fare scelte più sostenibili thumbnail

Google’s new features that help people and cities make more sustainable choices

As part of the Sustainable with Google (SwG) event, Google provided an overview of the latest news on the subject of sustainability and announced updates in high-emitting sectors, including how it is leveragingartificial intelligence to create revolutionary solutions.

google transport artificial intelligence

Google: updates for sustainability through artificial intelligence

New features and expansions of Google products help people, city planners and government agencies move towards a more sustainable future. The project Green Light, for example, is expanding to new cities, introducing artificial intelligence to optimize stop-and-go traffic. Along with updates on Maps, will help reduce emissions and choose more sustainable paths. The new features also include the introduction of in-depth information in Electric Vehicle Research.

Cool Roofs google sustainability

In particular, Google is working not only to encourage low-emission travel, but also to decarbonize the aviation sector. To mitigate the contrail problem, for example, it is working with American Airlines and Breakthrough Energy through artificial intelligence. This technology, with the ability to process enormous amounts of data, can offer a significant contribution in predicting and therefore reducing contrails.

google climate updates

Other tools like Flood Hub e Cool Roofs instead they provide cutting-edge systems to deal with increasingly frequent natural disasters. Google’s entire update program in terms of sustainability and artificial intelligence also looks at energy, through systems aimed at the energy transition. He is an example of this Tapestryone of Alphabet’s first projects, which deals with the mapping and planning of electricity networks through artificial intelligence.

Finally, to help cities integrate solar energy Google Earth is enriched with new features. But that’s not all: Google’s updates in terms of artificial intelligence and sustainability provide for a continuous and targeted evolution towards an increasingly cleaner future.

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