INZONE Buds and INZONE H5, the new gaming headphones from Sony

Novità in casa Sony INZONE: Arrivano gli auricolari True Wireless INZONE Buds e le INZONE H5 thumbnail

Sony announced the arrival of INZONE Buds the new ones auricolari true wireless which bring all the company’s experience in earphones into a small and wireless format. Perfect for both computers and consoles, these headphones are able to offer an immersive experience supported by personalized audio,unsurpassed autonomy of 12 hoursguaranteeing levels of performance and performance similar to those of the most demanding over-ear headphones.

Along with them will also arrive INZONE H5 which allow you to continue the challenge uninterruptedly for 28 hours without ever giving up comfort. Both products are born from collaboration with Fnaticimportant eSport team which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2024 and this year managed to win two international titles in a row in VALORANT Champions Tour.

Sam Mathews, CEO of Fnatic, commented: “Our partnership with Sony continues to rewrite the performance standards of eSports, providing our professional teams with all the tools and support they need to perform at their best. One of our first priorities as a partner was to bring the extensive competitive experience of our professional players into the development of INZONE Buds and INZONE H5. […] We’re excited for our fans around the world to have the opportunity to experience our collaborative efforts with these headsets and play knowing they have the support of their favorite pros.”

Let’s discover all the features!


The new INZONE Buds integrate the 360 ​​Spatial Sound system which allow players to precisely identify the direction and distance of their opponents, fundamental elements for excelling in video games, especially competitive ones. The customized sound field is the result of years of study and fine-tuning, which has led Sony to develop the best headphone technologies in the industry.

The headphones can be optimized with the tecnologia Sound Tone Personalisation. This technology in fact, it analyzes the shape of the auricle, unique to each of us and are capable of creating immersive and extremely accurate audio. The earphone drivers emit a series of test sounds and, based on the feedback from the microphones, reconstruct their diffusion within the channel. By transmitting the results of the acoustic analysis to the application for PC INZONE Hubit is possible to adapt the listening experience to the individual user.

Added to this is the function Sound Field Optimisationwhich allows you to create a customized listening profile: just download the smartphone app 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser and take a photo of the ears for unprecedented spatial accuracy, move after move. Obviously there is no lack of noise elimination, a characteristic of Sony products, capable of filtering environmental sounds.

In terms of autonomy, the headphones can count on the new L1 low-power processor able to extend the Battery life up to 12 hours which can become 24 in total with the charging case.

The INZONE Buds will be available in two shades (black and white) to choose the style best suited to your gaming style.


The new INSONE H5 over-ear headphones offer a lightweight structure, reduced lateral pressure and advanced spatial reproduction to offer everything you need to tackle the most intense gaming sessions. If advanced spatial reproduction is essential to stay focused on the action, the stand microphone transmits your voice clearly. This model also uses 360 Spatial Sound technology for precise three-dimensional positioning of sounds. There is also AI-based noise reduction and a two-way microphone for clear conversations during the game.

In Wireless mode, the headphones guarantee up to 28 hours of use.

New color of the INZONE H9


Last but not least, Sony has announced a new color of the highly appreciated INZONE H9 which will be available in a new black variant. For more information on the INZONE H9, we invite you to read our review.

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