Google’s parent company achieves a valuation of $ 2 trillion

La società madre di Google raggiunge una valutazione di 2 trilioni di dollari thumbnail

Alphabet, the parent company from Google, recently achieved a rating of 2 trillion dollars. The market cap of the technology giant is currently at a convenience 1.98 trillion dollars but it crept above $ 2 trillion midday Monday, closing at $ 2,987.03 per share. Alphabet’s market cap is almost doubled from 1 trillion dollars from January 2020. Let’s find out all the details together.

Google’s parent company achieves a very good rating

In the third quarter of 2021, Alphabet hit record milestones, earning well 65.1 billion dollars. The company reported that its revenue was up by 41%, while its profits went up by nearly 69%. Google Search saw a slight increase of profits, rising to 37.9 billion dollars from 35.8 billion in the previous quarter. YouTube, another Alphabet company, made money $ 7.2 billion in the most recent quarter.

For the duration of the pandemic, Big Techs had a boom. As businesses around the world moved from in-person workplaces to remote, cloud-based workplaces, Google has benefited in the form of cloud storage subscriptions e digital ads.

Alphabet has almost caught up Apple e Microsoft as one of three US-based companies that are part of the exclusive “$ 2 Trillion Club.” Apple reached the milestone inApril last year, while Microsoft hit $ 2 trillion lo last June. Amazon is close to joining the $ 2 trillion club but its current valuation of $ 1.7 trillion is a bit lower.

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