LUMIX S 35mm F1.8 (S-S35), Panasonic announces the new lens

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Panasonic has announced a new compact and lightweight fixed focal length lens: LUMIX S 35 mm F1.8 (S-S35). This is the fourth optic in the F1.8 series based on the system LMount: now there are goals from 85 mm (S-S85), 50 mm (S-S50), 24 mm (S-S24) and the new entry from 35 mm. All shared by a compact body and great practicality, in addition to the fact that you can use the same filters on the whole series.

Panasonic annuncia LUMIX S 35 mm F1.8 (S-S35)

The new LUMIX S 35 mm F1.8 (S-S35) optics has 11 elements divided into nine groups, plus three aspherical and three ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lenses, great for bokeh effects. It has great versatility: you can use it for landscapes, fleeting shots and even use it for portraits. In fact, you can use it for close-ups thanks to minimum focusing distance from 24 centimeters.

Operation remains quiet and smooth while harmonizing with the high-performance AutoFocus system, with speed fino a 240 fps. Sensitivity can vary 30 degrees from 90 to 360 degrees. Also good for shooting, being able to eliminate the focus breathing (the apparent zoom effect by changing focus distance).

The lens is compact and light, coming to weigh only 295 grams. You can therefore take it anywhere in combination with the S5, the smallest full-frame of the LUMIX family. But it still has a compact body that resists dust and splashes and supports temperatures down to -10 degrees.

The new goal is part of the program LUMIX PRO, designed to give continuous assistance to all LUMIX users who are part of the program (here you can find all the information about the program).

LUMIX S 35 mm F1.8 (S-S35) it will arrive in Italy eventually November 2021. The target price to the public will be 679 euro.

In addition to the new lenses, Panasonic announces firmware update programs for the lenses S-R70200, S-R70200, S-R70300 e S-R24105, which you can find here. These updates improve the stability of the image stabilizer when recording videos. The stabilization performance of the Dual IS 2 system also increases in quality from 6.5 stops to 7.5 stops for photo sessions, when S-R24105 is mounted on LUMIX S1H, S1R o S1.