Google’s public campaign to support relief efforts in Ukraine


Google announced a public campaign to support relief efforts in Ukraine. As part of this campaign Google.orgthe charitable arm of the company, will match up to $ 5 million in donations. The campaign will run until April 30th. According to Google, the donations will go to three organizations that are helping citizens: UNHCR, UNICEF e World Food Programme.

Google’s campaign to support relief efforts in Ukraine

L’UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) is the UN refugee agency it procures supplies e urgent aid to the Ukrainians forced to flee the country due to the war.

The UN estimates up to five million people fleeing the country devastated by the war in the coming weeks and months. L’UNHCR is on the ground in Ukraine and in neighboring countries to offer their support. The organization is offering shelter, basic needs, basic relief items and assistance to those in need.

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is also working hard every day for meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children and theirs families affected by the war in Ukraine. Last but not least, the United Nations World Food Program it is providing to refugees food e other essential supplies.

To find out more about Google’s campaign for Ukraine, you can consult the official site.

Google’s commitment

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created a humanitarian disaster. Several large organizations and companies have come forward for to help to support the efforts of volunteers and relief workers.

Also Google has actively extended its support. In addition to monetary and material aid, Google is also supporting Ukraine’s relief efforts in other ways. The company launched a SOS alarm on Search in the country. The company stated:

When people seek information on refugees and evacuation, they will see a notice directing them to the United Nations resources for refugees and asylum seekers.

Finally Google also has temporarily disabled some functions of Google Maps live to keep citizens safe.